I Needed Help! And I got it!!!!


I have been working on my business for years and I recognize that as much as I love it I don’t want to do it forever. So I took a look at what I was making and tried to figure on my own why there isn’t money at the end of the month. Well to the naked eye I should  be in green all the time. Well enter my friend Tiffany Cannon I had been watching her videos for a while trying to loosely make changes and yep I failed! So I decided to contact her and sign up for her services. On our first call we spent about 30 minutes figuring out which plan she had would work best and what my goal are.

The second call required me to have all my personal financial statements and we went in depth on what I paid to who and when. We also looked at my debt and created a real plan on how I can obtain these goals, and of course there is homework! I love the attention to detail in the different forms on our video call where she shared her screen and showed me my next steps. Ultimately I purchased the five coaching sessions because of the accountability and I admit this is her line of work and she is good at it. I challenge you to look at your finances and get serious. We can work forever, so lets get prepared.


Contact Tiffany Cannon with 7412 Financial Below


Not sure about working with some one create a digit account and use it to save with our worry or hard work! Click the link below


Still need more help grab this E-Book to learn why knowing your numbers is important!



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