Nail Classes

Don't need a full day of training? Want to brush up on your skills as a nail technician?
Pick one or more classes, make your own schedule.

Below are the in person nail class offerings currently available to licensed nail techs and enrolled nail students. Nail salon owners can also book in person training for their employees.  Classes are billed at $125 per hour, minimum 2 hours. If you want to learn specific skills like acrylic application, hard gel, gel nail art, airbrushing and more we can build you a class that only focuses on exactly what you want to learn.

Nail Continuing Education Classes

Gel Polish Class

Join our class to perfect the proper procedures for flawless gel polish application. Learn troubleshooting techniques to address any application challenges. Elevate your nail art skills to boost your up-sale dollars on every service. Enroll now!

Acrylic Nails Class

Join our class to learn proper application procedures using forms. Explore the art of pink and whites, including the faster and deeper smile line of reverse techniques. Practice sculpted application and gain expertise in removing, lifting, and refilling nails. Enroll now for a comprehensive and skill-enhancing experience!

Airbrushing Nails Class

This class is perfect for beginners, offering a comprehensive introduction to essential airbrush techniques. Learn the art of ombre, layering stencils, and gel polish application with acrylic paint. Discover the secrets to creating long-lasting and captivating airbrush nail art. Unleash your creativity and join us to take your nail art skills to new heights!

Everything you need to know about Glam Nailz in person nail classes for the San Antonio and central Texas area.

Hard Gel Class

Join us for a comprehensive class covering proper application procedures using forms. Troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the process. Dive into the world of pink and whites with faster, reverse techniques for a deeper smile line. Practice both sculptured and tip application for diverse nail styles. Additionally, learn gel overlay techniques and how to create mesmerizing nail designs using encapsulated glitters and foils. Elevate your skills and become a hard gel nail pro – enroll now!


Click on any of the class links and complete the work with me application. I tech more than 20 classes a month so I like to take on only the most serious students.

My classes are for licensed nail techs, cosmetologist and currently enrolled nail or cosmetology school students. My classes are limited to these individuals because they have basic understanding of nail concepts and have taken steps to begin a legitimate nail career. I do not currently have any plans to work outside of that scope of practice.

Supplies that are needed for each class are right under descriptions. If you choose to have me build your kit please be aware that I will pick name brand products only and will result in a higher class cost, but the products are totally worth it.

Yes of course. However you have the option to gather everything on your own and I will provide you with a list and links well before class to make sure that you have all the necessary tools to be successful. While you can purchase brands outside of what is listed are products that I have worked with, and I know the results they produce.

Yes, payment plans are available. We can set up something that works.

Nail classes are held in my private nail studio. These classes can be one to one in person in San Antonio, TX or virtually done one to one.

If you cancel 1 day before the class I will refund your money less what you paid for the kit. I will not rebook you for a class.

Not in San Antonio, TX you can always book a virtual one to one. Class is preformed in a private online Facebook group.

I can build a class for you based on the skills that you want to learn. My hourly rate is $125 minimum 2 hours.

Yes, I do offer group classes at a reduced rate. Minimum 2 hours and 5 students.

Typically classes are offered on Sundays and Mondays only.

Traveling Costs
Over hour charges (for classes that exceed the contracted time)

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