1.Glam NailZ by Chloe’ is a CHILDREN FREE Salon, unfortunately my space is too small for the energy that children possess.
2. Nail art COST
a.$4 per nail for simple art
b.Anything adding stones is $4 & up,
c.Fully stoned out is $8 & up
d. Stones, chains and hand paint are $5 & up
e. All 10 with just glitter is $10 for the set
3. No call No Show $25 due at the next appointment or find another nail stylist.
4. The price list is posted when inquiring about price please refer to the price list and ADD accordingly.
5. When booking appointments please include everything you want so there is enough time.
6. If you are sick stay home and reschedule.
7. If you don’t regularly get fills as suggested you will be charged the new set price for fill – ins.
8. Discounts are available to everyone following my FB page, my Instagram account or twitter and must be shown at the time of appointment and within the discounts dates.
9. Repairs are $3
10. When all else fails a scheduled consultation will be given to determine price.
11. I am a BY APPOINTMENT Nail Artist Only